Show Your Love Campaign

Show Your Love. Your Baby will thank you for it.

Preconception Checklist

Show Your Love is a new national campaign developed by the Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative (PCHHCI), in partnership with the Action for Stillbirth Awareness & Prevention (ASAP) Coalition. Launched on Valentine’s Day, its  goal is to help women prepare for healthy pregnancies and babies by adopting healthy habits well before becoming pregnant.  By adopting healthy habits, women are showing their love to their future babies and also to themselves.

 “While most women know that improving their health once they become pregnant is important, many women don’t know that improving their health before pregnancy is beneficial to them and their babies. Taking steps to become as healthy as possible – even before pregnancy is being considered – plays an important role in the health of the mother-to-be and her future baby.”

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), preconception health is the health of women and men during their reproductive years. As part of their preconception health, women can take steps now to protect their health and the health of the family they may want to have sometime in the future.

Action for Stillbirth Awareness & Prevention is pleased to be a part of this important effort, which reflects our mission to bringing collective awareness to stillbirth issues and encouraging research & prevention initiatives.  We want every woman to know that taking a few steps toward becoming healthier before pregnancy, such as working with her doctor to control and treat medical conditions, quitting smoking, and avoiding alcohol if trying to get pregnant, can bring a lifetime of benefits to her and her future babies.

The Show Your Love campaign focuses on women during their childbearing years.  As part of the campaign, the Initiative has developed a series of educational materials including video and radio public service announcements, posters, a checklist of healthy habits, as well as online ads and a kit for organizations interested in supporting the campaign and helping to spread the word about the importance of preconception health.

In support of the campaign, the ASAP Coalition i making the campaign materials available to our members and encouraging members and member organizations to make your constituents aware of them.  Our message to women who want to become mothers some day is that by taking important steps to improve their health before pregnancy, they can begin showing love for themselves and their babies before they’re born.  Their bodies and their babies will thank them for it.

Members of the Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative represent national, state, and local organizations, including the Action for Stillbirth Awareness & Prevention (ASAP) Coalition; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), March of Dimes, National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition, the National Healthy Start Association, state health departments, and local affiliates of national organizations.

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