Other ways to help

Share information about the Action for Stillbirth Awareness & Prevention (ASAP) Coalition with friends & family.  There is strength in numbers!

Volunteer for the coalition!  If you have time, talents or treasures you’d like to put to good work, please let us know!  info@stopstillbirthasap.org

1 Response to Other ways to help

  1. Paige says:

    I believe the only way to see a change in how stillbirth is perceived is to first start with a campaign to educate the public. Let them know that it happens. Still today, no one knows it is a possibility.

    Everyone knows that breast cancer is a possibility. It all started with getting the info out there. And now the door is open for discussions, protocols, fundraising. Now Breast cancer organizations don’t have to spend time/money showing that cancer exists.

    A solid PR campaign would have a ripple affect in getting the changes we are looking for.

    What can we all do together to get this started?

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