Join ASAP!



  • WE need to take action to raise awareness and support for bereaved families by society, workplaces, medical professionals, and many others;
  • WE need to take action to identify higher risk mothers and babies and take action to do everything we can to prevent stillbirths of all gestations;
  • MANY in this community are doing incredible things to help others, gifts that need to be shared;
  • IT IS TIME to insist on more research SO WE CAN STOP STILLBIRTH ASAP????


JOIN US in this National Stillbirth Campaign?   We are building a powerful coalition of our collective voices.   Read our Mission, Vision and Goals here.

It is FREE to join. You are not obligated to do anything!  We would love to share what you do with others via our coalition website so members can help if and when they choose.   The more family members, professionals, authors, scientists, web owners, groups, organizations, companies and institutions the better.

By completing the very brief registration information here to join the coalition, you are honoring babies who have not taken their first breath and families who cannot adequately speak on their own.

Maybe, together we can decrease the numbers of babies who die during pregnancy and better understand and support families when the death of their precious children does occur.

Help us grow.  After you join, please tell others.

questions? or call 952-715-7731

1 Response to Join ASAP!

  1. This is a WONDERFUL new Coalition that may be able to help so many in diverse ways. Every individual and organization who help families, professionals, researchers should join. Then we can help spread the word on initiatives they are working on such as – music to share, kick/movement counting projects in an effort to save babies lives, gowns or gift bags given out, pleas for material or seamstresses, new books to announce, legislative projects, new research to announce, studies for families to take, educational programs and conferences, awareness activities, important fundraisers, and the three new video/film projects on stillbirth…well, it would be AWESOME and so helpful, don’t you think?????
    As the momentum grows, the word (stillbirth) gets out, the compassionate ideas to help families spread, more money is raised, and more babies’ lives are saved…won’t we all be blessed?
    JOIN TODAY. Then invite 2-3 new people to join every day. OR invite your whole address book at one time. We need each other. As Shauna from Star Legacy always says…”Alone all we can do is grieve, together we can do more….”

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