Awards & Honors

Stillbirth Hero Award

Have you been supported or touched by a great individual, organization or professional?
Do you wish you could raise up those individuals, organizations, researchers, writers, websites, blogs, etc. so others can learn about them?
Is there someone who maybe even quietly has been dedicated to building awareness, support, education or prevention of stillbirth that is truly making a difference?
Let’s honor them.  Let’s tell others about them.
Help us spread the word by nominating them for the Stillbirth Hero Award.

Action for Stillbirth Awareness & Prevention (ASAP) Coalition members are invited to nominate other ASAP Coalition members for three separate awards – one for individualsm one for organizations and another for professionals, for outstanding efforts that align with the mission of the ASAP Coalition:

To raise stillbirth awareness*, unify voices,
and accelerate prevention efforts in the United States. 
Submit a nomination here


  1. Nominations can be submitted online only by ASAP Coalition members.
  2. Nominees must be a member of the ASAP Coalition and show exemplary effort toward the mission of ASAP – stillbirth awareness and/or prevention.
  3. An individual, organization and a professional will be selected each quarter.
  4. ASAP Steering Committee members and the organizations represented are not eligible for the first year the program is in place.
  5. Voting will be open for approximately two weeks each quarter.  Nominees, nominators, and all ASAP members will be notified via email and facebook when voting will begin and end.  Voting will be completed online at a link provided.  Votes are only accepted from ASAP members.  Nominees may solicit votes from their supporters, but voters will be required to join ASAP before voting.
  6. At the end of the voting period, the individual/organization with the most votes wins!  Winners will be recognized in various ways –
    1.  Announcement and highlighting on our website
    2. Featured in email communication with all ASAP Members, and other social media
    3. News releases will be sent to the recipients local media. 
    4. Recognition at the awards dinner of the Stillbirth Summit 2014,  June 19-21, 2014.
    5. Presented with a beautiful certificate of recognition.
  7. Winners cannot receive another award for one full calendar year.
  8. Nominees not receiving an award can be re-nominated in subsequent quarters.
* Stillbirth awareness is defined by ASAP very broadly.  We recognize that it can take many different forms and happens intentionally and often unintentionally.  This can include people, organizations and professionals that honor babies, provide support,  give back to their community, spread sensitivity and awareness, work toward identifying causes, prevention strategies, and projects that may lead to fewer losses………

ASAP Coalition – Individual/Organizational Awards


Nominations Open
Voting Open
1st Quarter
Mar 1-10
Mar 15-31
April 5
2nd Quarter
June 1-10
June 15-30
July 5
3rd Quarter
Sept 1-10
Sept 15-30
Oct 5
4th Quarter
Dec 1-10
Dec 15-31
Jan 5

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