Mission Vision & Goals


To raise stillbirth awareness, unify voices, and accelerate prevention efforts in the United States.


A world where stillbirth is truly a rare event and when it happens, families are surrounded by their community and caregivers who offer compassion, understanding and support.


1.  Build a national coalition of organizations, concerned individuals, parents and health professionals.

2.  Attain recognition that stillbirth is a significant public health concern and action is imperative.

3. Educate and empower families through child-bearing years of the benefits of healthy pregnancies and risks and realities of stillbirth.

4.  Educate and partner with healthcare professionals to minimize stillbirth risk.

5.  Ensure that policy makers have current, accurate and comprehensive stillbirth information and data to support informed decision-making.

6.  To encourage support, compassion,  understanding, and resource sharing while
recognizing that this is the loss of a child and the families’ future of hopes
and dreams.

Initial Organizing Groups:

Babies Remembered * First Candle * Star Legacy Foundation * 1st Breath

1 Response to Mission Vision & Goals

  1. greetings from Ireland. i wonder might this resource that i produced be useful to your very useful webpage?

    abstract: we were told ten days before birth that our daughter was stillborn. the below link tells the story from the young siblings point-of-view. it is a video slide-show, illustrated by unsentimental biographical paintings and has a soundtrack.

    it is five minutes long. have a look when you have a spare moment.

    all the best

    Louis Hemmings
    Dublin, Ireland

    GOODBYE, AU REVOIR, SLAN – a true story about stillbirth

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