STILL Project Trailer Released

STILL Project Trailer Released
We salute the work of the STILL Project, an ASAP Coalition member, on the release of the trailer for their full feature length film.  The ASAP Coalition and its’ members are all committed to raising stillbirth awareness and encouraging prevention research & initiatives.  This film will definately help to bring stillbirth out of the shadows.
We encourage you to watch the trailer and share with your friends, family and social media contacts.  AND – please consider donating to the final production costs for the full feature film so that it can be completed and released as soon as possible.
And more about the STILL Project – from their website…..

STILL is a feature length documentary film project aimed at breaking the cycle of silence surrounding pregnancy and infant loss. STILL will examine the effects of a grief avoidant society and will educate through organic experience.

STILL will tell the stories of individuals and families from all walks of life who have suffered the death of a baby during pregnancy or infancy.

Any death is tragic. Losing a child by any means is devastating. But the loss of a baby is also the death of dreams, hopes and possibilities. And often times the death of a baby becomes the birth of isolation and misunderstanding.

STILL is for those who grieve as well as those who want to reach out and understand.

STILL represents the silence of the babies who have died and the steadfast resilience of their surviving families.


Action for Stillbirth Awareness & Prevention The ASAP Coalition phone: 952-715-7731
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