ASAP Coalition Organizers Meet in Baltimore

Coalition Organizers Meet in Baltimore
Thank you for joining ASAP and showing your support for increasing stillbirth awareness and encouraging prevention strategies. The organizing groups met as the steering committee this past weekend and worked hard to formulate a foundational structure.  In a short 24 hours we were able to formally adopt our coalition name, mission, vision and goals and a website has been started and will develop as we go.  But, even before this meeting we were working hard behind the scenes on important projects…..
1.   In early February we will be presenting the concept of a national camapaign for stillbirth awareness and prevention to an important Advisory Committee of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.  We know they will consider so many worthy projects, but we are confident that at the very least our proposal is strong, the need is great and at a minimum it will gain valuable attention for stillbirth.  Stay tuned for an update in this regard following the meeting. (Prayers and positive energies for a successful proposal appreciated!)
2.  We are actively looking into a number of grants and other funding opportunities to support ASAP efforts.  More information on this later as well.
At the meeting last weekend we identified 3 functioning committees focusing on awareness, prevention and coalition expansion & operations. Going forward there will be opportunities for interested individuals to become involved as desired.
The ASAP Coalition is not intended to overshadow any individual or organizational efforts toward our common objectives, but to support and raise each other up for the good work that happens every day.  In addition we will organize opportunities where we, as a coalition can speak with a collective voice much louder than any one group, organization or individual.
For this reason, the steering committee has decided that we will feature and recognize our membership going forward on a regular basis for outstanding efforts and projects.  More will be forthcoming on this in the near future.
And finally, many of you have asked how you can help today.  Because our founding principle is built on strength in numbers, we need you to help us grow the coalition.  Will you commit today to bring 3 new people, groups or organizations into ASAP?  Remember, there is no obligation other than to show support for a common conern through a common voice.  Opportunities will be forth coming to spring into action and each member can choose to be involved as they desire at those times.  Direct those you know that share our concern and interest in stillbirth awareness & prevention to our website at to join.
Alone we grieve, together we can do so much more!
For more information contact:Action for Stillbirth Awareness & Prevention phone: 952-715-7731
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