International Stillbirth Research Alliance

The International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA), together with a large group of other scientists, is researching and writing a series of 5 papers on stillbirth which will be published in The Lancet next autumn. It’s a follow-on to the series published in 2011, available here

One of the pieces of background research being done for the papers is a set of 3 online surveys, for care providers, bereaved parents, and their community members” (relatives etc of the bereaved parents) to assess practices related to stillbirth, and how these can be improved.  Th target audience is very broad –  care providers, social workers, people working for support organizations, individuals who are bereaved.  The more people we can reach, the more useful our data will be for the entire stillbirth “community” of researchers, practitioners, and bereaved parents.

We hope you will want to participate in this survey in the applicable category.

Click here to participate if you are a healthcare provider.

Click here to participate if you are the parent of a stillborn baby

Click here if you are part of the general community and do not fit in either of the above categories


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